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Dreams are nothing unless you have the will to make it all come true.

Yes? Yes, I believe so. Little as I may look, I have dreams bigger than me. And Organizational Communication 152 will not hinder me in achieving them.

What am I talking about? Let me first introduce myself.

I’m Ariane, an impulsive 4th year OrCom student in UP Manila. I’m a person who normally does not think things through like this introductory blog. 😛 And being in OrCom is a result of that impulse. No, I don’t regret the decision I made three years ago. In fact, I find myself delighted sitting in an OrCom class or the course’s electives. I would have never done the things I did have I been in another field. I would have never stood in front of a class to make a speech or engage in a discussion. Though I must admit, I’m still in the process of getting used to these things.

Most of the time when I’m not impulsive, I’m passive. Ask me where to eat for lunch, it’s already dinner but we haven’t eaten yet. I go by the decision of the majority. I stay at the back and would likely choose to be alone than to always be with someone else. Loner much? Again no, rather than being sensitive to my companion or my companion being sensitive to me, I’d like not to bother anyone. It’s kinda hard to deal with a situation where your friend would tell you he is tired when you still have errands to do or places to go. Will you leave him sitting in a bench somewhere or would you set aside your concerns? See what I mean? 😐

I love sleeping, eating, reading manga, watching anime, playing video games and spending time with my family. Where does OrCom come in? I dunno. Eating? 😀  My interests are far from the course outline which is New Social Media. Although I have facebook and twitter accounts, I basically have little knowledge about them. When there’s no YM confe for school works or student to teach (I’m an online tutor btw) , I usually don’t go online that much. One good thing is that I’m still exposed to NSM, it’s almost everywhere.

Going back, why did I say OC 152 will not hinder me in achieveing my dreams?

I’m already in my fourth year yet I haven’t developed skills necessary to survive the corporate jungle. I’m afraid I’m different from my batch mates. Different in a sense that without preparations I will fuck everything up whereas my batch mates can carry on their day-to-day life in OrCom or should I say UP in general. It takes a while for me to absorb things and understand them so I believe that this sem, as sir Barry said, will be very busy. With that, I have to work hard. Right? 😉

What do I do now? Write blogs of course! One blog a week, 15 in total (minimum actually). This is my last year [hopefully] and I want to make it a wonderful experience that’s why I vowed to enjoy blogging and leaving comments to my OC152-mates every week. I will try, yes try, to make my blogs fun, insightful and spontaneous, to make it more OrCom-ish. Here I go then! 🙂


  1. starrylines said,

    Hi yayie! 🙂

    I love your intro blog! I’m sorry i’ve just read it now. it’s mainly because, just like you, i also don’t go online that much. hehe… We have the same perception of ourselves regarding not that being prepared for the corporate jungle + the thing you mentioned about we should prepare for things unlike our batch mates who can carry on with their OrCom-in-UP life without preparing much.

    haha.. wala lang.. nice to know i’m not alone. You’re not alone, either. Love you, yayie! :X

    • littlebluedreamer said,

      Sharyl! Thank you! 🙂 It feels nice to know that I have someone I can talk to regarding these stuffs. We can help each other out. I’m always here for you. 🙂

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