Virtual mall, fast-fact addicts and the Internet

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As an individual, I found ways to earn money through the internet. I’ve been maximizing it to my advantage. I have an online shop and I’m also a part time online tutor. The internet has made people more practical and versatile in a way that it is opening up new ways to have additional income apart from their full time job. But it has also created short attention span to people; one paragraph with five sentences posted on a website will surley bore net surfers. Take Twitter for example, with its limited characters, it only allows its users to post short statements or mini blogs about the recent happenings on their lives.

While reading Bill Gates’essay, Shaping the Internet Age, I didn’t feel that it was written ten years ago as the points he raised still applies today. I took four of this important points:

The virtual mall 

              True enough. Gates wrote that “every business has to make its products and services and inteface more attractive than competitors that are only a few mouse-clisks away.” In a mall, it’s the same but it deals more with proximity to the entrance or to the most popular hang out. Internet- based businesses have sprouted everywhere; we now have what we call electronic commerce (e-commerce). There’s basically the so-called virtual mall, the more creative the product and the lower the price; the more customers buy or reserve merchandise. In return, buyers can look for products that best fit their budget, style and preferences.

Let’s talk…now!

              Keeping in touch is never a problem. Snail mails are no longer the most loved method of connecting with relatives abroad. Post office are losing their profits but the people prefer it to be that way. I can talk to my aunt in the US real time and at that I can also feel her anger and emotions real time. Long ditance relationships are difficult but it became easier to handle thanks to the Internet. It indeed breaks barriers be it cultural, language or geographical. Connecting to people in all parts of the world has never been this simple.

Get it?

              There’s the problem now of information shock where basically everything is flowing on the internet. There will be thousands of result on just one topic that created fast-fact addicts. Patience is not a virtue anymore. It will reamin a noun. Next will be waiting. After a few more years, after developments and advancements on the internet. Everything related to patience and waiting will be the least used word.  Piracy also became rampant. As Gates said, it is “at virtually no cost.” There is no clear rules about cyber crime. Movies in the works already has a copy in the market, black market that is. Ever watched a Transfomers movie one week before it’s been released on the theaters? Though not much editing, body harness on the actors can be seen clearly.  The world is at your finger tips even your crush’ world. Heard about the word stalking? Of course! Gone are the days of following your love interest to know where they live. Before friendster, now facebook. No need for friends to ask his number or email. The Internet can be your bestfriend and resource person.


             Companies are in competition not only in print and broadcast advertisements but also online. Their aim has moved to SEO. On my OJT, my co-intern and I were asked to make a PR plan for the launching of their Social Networking Site on facebook not just for possible partners or stakeholders but for their family members also. Sites has been more personalized and designed to be able to relate to the people more. In that project, we were asked to create the personality of the profile and not just an admin who will handle it. Why SEO? When searching on Google, yes Google, people focus on the first page of the results and disregards the next pages. It will be quite an advantage to be on the first page much more on the top pick.  

Less and less people enter the library. It is a quiet place for everyone to concentrate…sleeping. Why? It’s faster and convenient to search the net. Google is everyone’s hero on the last minute papers and assignments. Why would people waste their time standing in front of huge book shelves when they can download e-books at the comfort of their homes? Newspapers have online copies of their article. “Online copy” or soft copy are students favorite works. Online papers, online exams and online classes? What a way to promote laziness. I’m not really against it, it’s a good paperless campaign but there should be some limitation to it. 

After 10 years of Bill Gates’ essay such developments had already been done. And there are more possibilities after another ten years. The Internet has definitely shaped the way we work, the way we think and the way we act. It had created more evil yet it has its own ways of helping the society and the people. Somehow, it teaches us to be responsible enough and draw the line for ourselves.

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  1. What Does That Mean? said,

    I agree, we should analyze the current situation and our plans in relation to the internet. Yes it’s beneficial but is it a long term or just a short term benefit? I mean, as you have said, internet promotes laziness and that doesn’t really help us. If you read my posts, you can tell that I’m an anti-internet to an extent. And I would be one of those elders in 30 years or so that say “mabuti pa noong panahon namin…”

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