SNS, brand awareness and corporate branding: An Introduction

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Become a fan. LIKE. Join group. Twit. These are just some of the words widely used by people using social networking sites (SNS). People just can’t get enough hitting those buttons and businesses will take it from there…

Why SNS?

From my OC152 class earlier, if facebook’s a country it will be the third largest country in the world. 95% of employers are using LinkedIn. As of February 2010, there are at least 50 million tweets per day. Groups have been formed and fanpages have been created and these numbers are unstoppable. Maximizing the potential of facebook, coca-cola company’s fanpage has almost 6 million fans. Niche groups all over. So the question now is why not?

What’s up?

Facebook has the most users, as of now, having at least 200 million users. One of it’s feature is everyone’s favorite, *drum roll* the FANPAGE! This is one of the ways, if not the best, to gather followers and supporters. Or can I say it is the best way to collect in one place followers scattered all over the web particularly on SNS, ehem, facebook! Most companies and corporations use this for Online and advocacy campaigns and /or for their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The features available on fanpages makes it possible to post pictures, digital copy of posters, commercial videos, and links for a tag-your-friends kind of promotion. Twitter’s microblogging is an OK in promotions and announcements of links & events. SNS is “viral marketing on the cheap.” It is quite simple and does not require a large investment of time and it is also almost always free.

A warning though, it is important to learn how to engage the people for they have, as I’ve said in my earlier post, been made impatient  by the internet. Where does corporate branding and brand awareness come in? It is when the SNS has been designed based on the company’s values and artifacts. The personality or the image of the company should be carefully built as the competitors are just a few clicks away. Brand Awareness can be easily achieved by introducing the company’s profile and what it does. The real challenge is corporate branding. Are you ready to take up on it?

“It is not the strong, nor the intelligent who survive,

but those who are quickest to adapt.”

Charles Darwin


  1. It Box @ All Around the World News said,

    Viral Marketing Values…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  2. thefeistyfeline said,

    One of the best features of social media is it accommodates branding for individuals and corporations alike. It offers applications such as fan pages, forums and feedback functions like the LIKE feature on Facebook.

    It becomes a ground on which companies leverage on enhancing their image by engaging in a community and interacting with their target markets.

    In a significant way, it is slowly becoming a marketing tool for organizations; and the results are highly desirable.


  3. morethanscribbles said,

    Facebook should never be complacent about being number one. No one should be. After all, it would not have risen (in the Philippines) if not for the fall of another- Friendster. Although it still remains to be the 3rd biggest country if it was one, a lot of my friends are starting to tell me that they are getting bored. But the responsibility does not only lie on the hands of the site makers but the ones who employ them- businesses and consumers. Businesses must always strive to be different from the pool of pages out there through learning and relearning how to reach their audience in a more personal manner and as consumers, we must always be aware of the trends so as not to just take advantage of the things available to us. Learn to maximize! 😉

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