Six Degrees of Clicking (Part 1)

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Are you familiar with the Six Degrees of Separation Theory? To be honest, I just recently learned that and it was on facebook. I was invited to join a group with that name by someone I can’t remember anymore. 😛 It’s the theory stating that we are six steps away from other people on Earth. It means that everyone on the planet is separated only by six other people. Imagine, we are six degrees away from Lady Gaga! Small world. And an even smaller one with New Social Media at work.

That’s why I’m going to create my own theory: Six Degrees of Clicking Theory. Everyone on the planet is separated only by six social media. Be it social networking sites, youtube, twitter, blogs and forums. So we are now six clicks (or six social media) away from Lady Gaga! Tiny world, huh.

Six Degrees of Clicking

We hop from page to page and meet new people. And if we’re lucky (I think), we’ll meet old acquaintances. There are even times when I am too lazy to type the name of a person to search it. Most of the time, it’s more convenient to use just the mouse and nothing else. 😀 What do I do? For example in facebook, I look at my updates, click his/her name to go to his/her page. When I see something interesting on that page, I click it again until I’m on someone else’s page…someone I don’t know. But, it’s not limited to facebook. From facebook, I can click on a tumblr post and from there I can go to twitter, then to wordpress then to youtube to wikipedia, name it!  

And hey, you might land into the account of the CEO of your competitor company. See something exciting, a new project perhaps?  You might discover something new and it’s closer than you can ever imagine.

To further Six Degrees of Clicking, I will relate it to one of my readings in my OrCom 152 class: The Cluetrain Manifesto. The chapter 5 of the book discusses seven basic themes of Web’s character but I’ll only use four which is relevant to the theory. Those are hyperlinked, hypertime, open & direct access and borderless. That chapter is very interesting *BTW. I enjoyed reading it, and it is my favorite reading in that class so far. We’re going to have a quick look so as Six Degrees of Clicking (Part 2) will further discuss my point.

 Cluetrain Manifesto

  • Hyperlinked. The Web is loosely joined by hyperlinks. Millions of pages are connected to each other.
  • Hypertime. No need to go to people one by one to check who’s connected to whom and tire yourself. You’re in  the Web, just click it away!
  • Open, direct access. Click it and you’re there! Easy.
  • Borderless. Anyone can hyperlink, there is no limit to those. A link can go far, far away from the author so it’ll be closer to you…by six degrees.

*I learned from my Speech Comm 133 class that BTW (by the way) is an official word. Yes, it’s on the dictionary. 🙂


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Social Media: the new Oprah

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I have always said that social media had made connecting with people faster mostly for personal purposes. I use facebook to check out what’s up with my friends, to see announcements regarding school activities or class or to make a status of how I feel or what I’ve been doing. It feels nice to be the first one to comment on your friend’s post or to be commented on your status or on your wall. In a matter of seconds, a friend can comment on your status, like it or share it. No need for elaborating on this one, you get my point. It’s fast. Yes.

Reporting online happens real-time. One can blog on their phones while they are on a conference with a famous, mouth-watering celebrity. One can post about an accident on the road while the bus is passing through. One can tweet in 140 characters or less basically everything happening right before their eyes. People will see this, people will react on this. Juicy! What’s the difference? Gossip and news has always travelled quickly. Duh! We have what we call grapevine, pass it on and on and on. But, what’s alarming is the reach and speed these can travel. The impact is wider, deeper. Social media is the new Oprah, it can make or break you, literally.

One video scandal on youtube will pull you down. One controversial tweet will be the center of attention. One online discussion can affect people’s perception of you. One blog review can raise you up from the pits of hell or pull you down from the gates of heaven. One post on facebook can make you the topic of the day; a fanpage can be dedicated just for you if you’re so lucky or so-not. One just one. Don’t underestimate the power of one…social media.

Be it someone we know or just an anonymous blogger, we are greatly influenced by what we see on the internet. When I want to see if a movie is worth watching, I google it. When I want to hear a new song, I search it up on youtube (I like to link graphics and the song, okay?) and I can see the comments the viewers have for the song. When I want to know the best brand for a certain product, I post a question on my facebook account. Take Charice for an example, why is she famous? She was a youtube sensation noticed by Oprah, the real Oprah. She has talent but it was nothing until youtube took her over. Businesses may have potential and capital but without the proper utilization of social media and adapting to the changing times, it will not take them anywhere. Everything affects everything.

Businesses should be wary of this. Netizens (Net citizens) know more than what they think they know. Information is not unequal anymore. Consumers and stakeholders have pretty much an idea of what it is that they are taking or will take part of, no more fooling around. “Oprah” tells us everything we need, we want and we ought to know.

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