Social Media: the new Oprah

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I have always said that social media had made connecting with people faster mostly for personal purposes. I use facebook to check out what’s up with my friends, to see announcements regarding school activities or class or to make a status of how I feel or what I’ve been doing. It feels nice to be the first one to comment on your friend’s post or to be commented on your status or on your wall. In a matter of seconds, a friend can comment on your status, like it or share it. No need for elaborating on this one, you get my point. It’s fast. Yes.

Reporting online happens real-time. One can blog on their phones while they are on a conference with a famous, mouth-watering celebrity. One can post about an accident on the road while the bus is passing through. One can tweet in 140 characters or less basically everything happening right before their eyes. People will see this, people will react on this. Juicy! What’s the difference? Gossip and news has always travelled quickly. Duh! We have what we call grapevine, pass it on and on and on. But, what’s alarming is the reach and speed these can travel. The impact is wider, deeper. Social media is the new Oprah, it can make or break you, literally.

One video scandal on youtube will pull you down. One controversial tweet will be the center of attention. One online discussion can affect people’s perception of you. One blog review can raise you up from the pits of hell or pull you down from the gates of heaven. One post on facebook can make you the topic of the day; a fanpage can be dedicated just for you if you’re so lucky or so-not. One just one. Don’t underestimate the power of one…social media.

Be it someone we know or just an anonymous blogger, we are greatly influenced by what we see on the internet. When I want to see if a movie is worth watching, I google it. When I want to hear a new song, I search it up on youtube (I like to link graphics and the song, okay?) and I can see the comments the viewers have for the song. When I want to know the best brand for a certain product, I post a question on my facebook account. Take Charice for an example, why is she famous? She was a youtube sensation noticed by Oprah, the real Oprah. She has talent but it was nothing until youtube took her over. Businesses may have potential and capital but without the proper utilization of social media and adapting to the changing times, it will not take them anywhere. Everything affects everything.

Businesses should be wary of this. Netizens (Net citizens) know more than what they think they know. Information is not unequal anymore. Consumers and stakeholders have pretty much an idea of what it is that they are taking or will take part of, no more fooling around. “Oprah” tells us everything we need, we want and we ought to know.


  1. KC said,

    It feels nice to be the first one to comment on your friend’s post or to be commented on your status or on your wall.

    This is what I’m feeling now, being the first one to post a comment on your post 😉 I agree, New Social Media can play a huge impact on one’s life, even more now that people are becoming greatly dependent on it. As OrCom people, we must use NSM to inform people and use it responsibly and not to destroy others.

  2. Jenny said,

    Gone are the days of reality tv shows. In this generation where most people spend time on the internet rather than on tv, those who are hoping to be one of the biggest stars in show business must think twice.

    YouTube is now the fastest way to stardom. That’s why many people who think they got the talent post their videos on YouTube. Who knows? We can be the next Charice 🙂 Indeed, the new social media affects everything and it can change our lives in just one click. 🙂

  3. Allen Maralit said,

    Everyone is an opinion leader now. Blogs are just one of the many sources of reviews and information about a lot of products or services or just anything under the sun. People who are passionate about something can blog about the things they like (or don’t like). No one can stop us now from expressing our thoughts. Of course, we cannot expect everyone to agree with us and that makes it more interesting because we are not prohibited to disagree. Some people go overboard and end up destroying another person. For netizens, I think everyone should keep in mind that we shuold still be responsible for whatever we put out there in the internet.

  4. barrycade said,

    the “audience” has ceased to be; they’ve become wiser producers themselves–little Oprahs–that can rant and rave about their experiences with brands and companies. Indeed, we don’t need an Oprah to tell us the latest good book; we can just look at what other book lovers recommend to know what’s new and what’s hot.

    peer recommendation is really better than any kind of advertising, right?

  5. kitsatwork said,

    Hello Yayie! The internet and new social media is transforming one’s competitors and consumers into potential collaborators. Brands should realize that they should tap external resources and take full advantage of them as they should also willingly collaborate with these external parties. O:)

  6. athousandfootnotes said,

    “But, what’s alarming is the reach and speed these can travel. The impact is wider, deeper. Social media is the new Oprah, it can make or break you, literally.”

    This is very true Ariane! I’ve shared in one of my blog posts how crises spread in a multi-directional manner and at an incredibly fast speed online. Be it a personal or a business crisis, it still is something that greatly affects our reputation thus, must be monitored and properly addressed.

    Now we need to remember that as much as the social media is powerful in tainting a reputation, it is also as powerful in guarding, defending, and regaining that reputation. Having read, heard, and watched bad things said about us and our company, we must now think of ways to manage the fire and maybe put it out in the soonest time possible. We could use the same tools as what are used against us. But remember to meet and converse with the fire setters in the same platform they used. In crisis situations (offline and online), we do not just respond and give out messages. We respond wisely and get our message across responsibly.

  7. chocostraws said,

    Well really. peer suggestions are greater than Oprah’s right now.

    Come to think of it, Charice became a star and was interviewed by Oprah because of us, Online users who shared and viewed Charice’s videos. We actually influenced Oprah. Haha.

    In the perspective of organizations, this just means that celebrities will lose many endorsing jobs and money in the future. Organizations better capitalize on this New Oprahs because it’s more effective than using Claudine Baretto.

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