Blogging on my nerves

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It’s the first time I had the eagerness to blog about my experience, maybe this class requirement has gotten on my nerves, that when an idea pops out of my head regarding NSM and even if it’s not related to it (an apple can be an orange, right?), I immediately process it to conceptualize a blog. This is my second one that came out in just one incident. When I think about what I did, my preparations for today and my plans, I have this strong urge to blog about it. I even want to start my own personal blog and make it my first entry. But, I also learned something new and/or realizations came in. So it’s not entirely negative, on the contrary, I’m somehow thankful. As I’ve said on the first one, maybe it’s a gift from above. There’s a reason why this happened, there’s always a reason.

I now know why blogs, statuses and online posts are THE authority. It’s because, emotions are attached to it; it may be subjective but it still deals with the people’s perceptions, the way we see and understand things.

 Again, what is it’s implication to OrCom practice?

  • Since we know the feeling of blogging, we would be able sense the emotions in a blog that we read. It will be somehow easy to tell if what we’re reading is a lie.
  • Most people will not blog without emotions attached to every word that they type. An article in an event will not be posted if it’s not news worthy (news worthy = positive and negative) or mind buggling unless you are paid to do so or you seriously need to get a hobby.
  • Humans will not be humans without logic and, of course, emotions.
  • Some say, NSM can be insincere. Yes, to a certain extent. But we should know that through choice of words and style of writing, given that emoticons are not present, feelings can still be expressed.
  • Humans and interaction are necessary in communication, be it online or offline.
  • We believe what we read because we can relate to it. We have this “he has experienced this and that and wrote about it like what I do/did” mindset when we see something.
  • Therefore, emotions are what drive us but objectivity should still be present. We should be able to weigh these things. Now we know.


  1. melem1 said,

    And thus brings us to the question; Why is thesis writing required to be formal?

    Look I know about the necessary formality that comes with the academic setting but even researchers believe that there’s no such thing as a purely quantitative research. I can’t understand why we must place evidences for concepts that are justified by common sense. yes, there are things that cannot be answered by common sense and in the rarest of cases, it could be even wrong. But human judgment is one thing that we cannot disregard in any research.

    Anyway after the rant. emotions are very important especially in company blogs. We often hear of big bad companies releasing announcements and notifications to all the little consumers. This creates a wall between the company and its consumers and may lead to a lot problems when a crisis comes.

    You really have to make relationships with your consumers to make a “smooth interpersonal relationship”

  2. chocostraws said,

    Well, with all the creativity that our classmate showed on connecting everything with NSM just so they can produce a blog, BLOGGING IS NO DOUBT part of our systems right now.

    You really have to make relationships with your consumers to make a “smooth interpersonal relationship”

    Very true. And the only way for companies to really relate with their consumers is to act more like human. They must abandon their old stiff ways of interacting because that’s so much like 70 years ago.

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