Let’s get VIRAL!

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Let’s ponder on this:

Getting out of control = getting viral?

What does viral mean anyway?

Viral = infectious = easily and readily communicated

In the field of medicine, when a sickness is outta control and easily spreads, it’s a viral disease. Does this also apply to the Web? When we post our viral video, garners views, we can’t contain our happiness. Target audience FTW! Do we know all those who viewed the video? In the first place, does not knowing who viewed and commented on the video means it’s already out of control?

 We have had two viral video projects in our OC152 class. We’ve promoted our video in forums, SNS and blogs among others. Let me say this, not knowing who viewed the video does not mean it’s already out of control. As long as you know your target audience and you directed the promotion of your video to them comprehensively, you are not yet lost. You may not know them personally but at least you know in which category of your list they belong to. Being viral IS being easily and instantly passed on.

 We do not need to know our mutual friends or what path the video went in order to land on their profiles. If you don’t know which direction you are going then maybe it’s time to pull the break and think carefully. Even though we use the word “viral”, we should not be clattered and scattered everywhere. Remember that viral diseases also have their roads and sometimes dead ends are a possibility. How you ask? There are immunizations for some of them and there are people who become immune and unaffected by them naturally. Same goes with the viral videos, people are immune and they tend to ignore some videos.

Simply put, viral videos are “viral” on a specific audience, on a specific niche. It is out of control if the video went somewhere else; by then, go fetch.



  1. chocostraws said,

    Yes, viral video are only as good as how it affects the target audience. And knowing how to reach the audience is the first step for companies to really maximize the potentials of viral video. This is an answer to the ongoing questions regarding promotion for videos to be viral. There are no specific guideline to promote, just one: KNOW THE AUDIENCE.
    this is where our OrCom training can help us.

  2. Angel said,

    I also have a blog post about this topic. My stand here is that videos should aim not only to be “viral” online but to be shareable. Having a target audience in mind and the right message and strategy to pull them in are key factors in making a video shareable. I agree, without specific signposts to remind us where we are going, our videos, no matter how cute or funny they would be, are worth nothing. 🙂

  3. blahblahblogsheet said,

    What i learned in our class regarding viral videos is that you have to have a target audience in mind. And in the end, your goal is to feed the needs of those audience. Also, it’s more of them pulling the information rather than us pushing it to them. It’s not about how many views you video have garnered nor how many other people have shared. It’s about your video reaching your audience.

  4. kimgiel said,

    I think for those people who are already “immune” of viral videos, the number of views will get them watch the video. No matter how irrelevant they think the video is to their life, they would get curious and watch the video. I can consider myself as someone immune or apathetic to video posts on my FB wall. What makes me watch videos are the people who shared/posted these vids. If someone like Sir Chong or Sir Barry posts a video, I would definitely watch it because I would be wanting to find out what in that video made these experts share it.

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