Cora: the mom you never had

September 25, 2010 at 9:47 pm (Uncategorized)

Tapsilog. Tocilog. Hotsilog. Porksilog. Mixsilog? It’s tapa and tocino mixed together. Cora’s tapsilog has over 5 branches in Metro Manila. Cora’s have perfected the taste that we, Filipinos, look for. Yearning for that home-cooked meal your mom used to make? Or your mom never made? Cora’s is the place to be, err, the place to dine!

Cora’s Tapsilog 


About Cora’s:

  • Cora’s offers 15 ­ulam-sinangag-itlog­ combinations that Filipinos love.
  • Soup are served for free!
  • The meals are budget friendly, prices range from P38-50.
  • Cora’s is open 24-hours a day. You will never be hungry from breakfast to midnight snack!
  • You can eat with your choice of drinks.
  • Three of Cora’s most visited branches are: near Abad Santos station LRT Line 1, Aurora Blvd. and Tondo, Manila.



Hungry? Cora’s is a place for your rumbling stomach and your half-empty pocket.

“Her name is Cora, the mom you never had” 

*A Social Media Release



  1. Pattydc said,

    Is the Tapsilog really good? Have you tried it?

    Tapsilog is my all-time-favorite Filipino food you see. And I make it a point to sample different Tapsilog meals from different stores/restos. What I don’t like is Tapa that has lots of “litid” (not really sure of the english counterpart). But, it’s that gummy-like part of the meat which I really find hard to chew.

    This looks good though! Will tell you when I’ve tried it 🙂

    • Marj Casal said,

      Oh yayi, I agree with patty! I like tapsilog, too! It’s the ultimate pinoy comfort food! I really missed it when MoMo stopped serving it. But good to know that there is a tapa house that a trusted person will vouch for its goodness. I’d really like to try that. I bet the motherly touch will make it tastier and more homey than the Sinangag Express tapa that we already got used to. 🙂

      • galeaya said,

        Momo served Tapsi? I didn’t know that! I’m really sad that I missed out on that.

        Loved the SMR. I wonder if you could point us to the nearest one by means of a map? I get so horribly lost sometimes. :3 Haha, I’d really love to sample their cooking.

  2. Pakoff said,

    Fuck this garbage its cockroach infested shit. The owner is fat ugly horny dick and their food is trash

  3. Pakoff said,

    If cora were ur mom you’d look like a fucking tikbalang lol just like ‘her’ offsprings they all uglyass horseface

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