Cora: the mom you never had

September 25, 2010 at 9:47 pm (Uncategorized)

Tapsilog. Tocilog. Hotsilog. Porksilog. Mixsilog? It’s tapa and tocino mixed together. Cora’s tapsilog has over 5 branches in Metro Manila. Cora’s have perfected the taste that we, Filipinos, look for. Yearning for that home-cooked meal your mom used to make? Or your mom never made? Cora’s is the place to be, err, the place to dine!

Cora’s Tapsilog 


About Cora’s:

  • Cora’s offers 15 ­ulam-sinangag-itlog­ combinations that Filipinos love.
  • Soup are served for free!
  • The meals are budget friendly, prices range from P38-50.
  • Cora’s is open 24-hours a day. You will never be hungry from breakfast to midnight snack!
  • You can eat with your choice of drinks.
  • Three of Cora’s most visited branches are: near Abad Santos station LRT Line 1, Aurora Blvd. and Tondo, Manila.



Hungry? Cora’s is a place for your rumbling stomach and your half-empty pocket.

“Her name is Cora, the mom you never had” 

*A Social Media Release



  1. Pattydc said,

    Is the Tapsilog really good? Have you tried it?

    Tapsilog is my all-time-favorite Filipino food you see. And I make it a point to sample different Tapsilog meals from different stores/restos. What I don’t like is Tapa that has lots of “litid” (not really sure of the english counterpart). But, it’s that gummy-like part of the meat which I really find hard to chew.

    This looks good though! Will tell you when I’ve tried it 🙂

    • Marj Casal said,

      Oh yayi, I agree with patty! I like tapsilog, too! It’s the ultimate pinoy comfort food! I really missed it when MoMo stopped serving it. But good to know that there is a tapa house that a trusted person will vouch for its goodness. I’d really like to try that. I bet the motherly touch will make it tastier and more homey than the Sinangag Express tapa that we already got used to. 🙂

      • galeaya said,

        Momo served Tapsi? I didn’t know that! I’m really sad that I missed out on that.

        Loved the SMR. I wonder if you could point us to the nearest one by means of a map? I get so horribly lost sometimes. :3 Haha, I’d really love to sample their cooking.

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