Online English Learning 101

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In this day and age, language learning have caught up with modern technologies most especially English. We have Apple products such as iPhone, iPad and Mac books. There is also Amazon’s Kindle. And of course, the vast resources in the Internet and the New Social Media. Combine all of it  with the English language, what will you get? English online. There have been many companies that have taken advantage of this. A lot of companies have opened up online tutoring services that operates internationally and the medium they use? Skype.

How does it really work? Let me give you an overview.

The tutor will apply to the company who will mediate between the client (tutee) and the tutor. Once the tutor has been accepted, he/she will undergo training and assessment. Afterwards, the tutor will have to send her available time according to the company’s available schedule. The tutor will not be endorsed by the company so as it is up to the tutee to choose who he/she wants.

Both the tutee and tutor need Skype accounts. As long as you have Skype accounts, it doesn’t matter if you have the lesson on your iPhone, laptop or any gadget that has the program. The interaction that will take place during the lesson will be highly dependent on the tutee. He/she will be the one to tell the tutor how she/he wants the class to be handled. The tutor’s role is to make sure the tutee learns and understands while having fun during the lesson. The tutee will be given several options; free conversation or article reading for example. In free conversation, the tutor and the tutee will talk just about anything that the tutee recommends or wants. The tutor may correct any grammar slips that the tutee will commit within the conversation. On the article discussion, they tutee will be asked to read an article or the tutee may choose what article to be read. After reading, the tutee and the tutor will discuss the article. The tutor will answer questions the tutee may have. In turn, the tutor will ask questions related to the article to assess the level of comprehension of the tutee.

Basically, it is no different from a normal or face-to-face learning. It may even have more advantages.

At the end of the day…

Nevertheless, learning English on skype is a great experience weighing more benefits than detriments. You will have all the resources at hand. Google is your best friend and there’s no need to reach for a dictionary and flip the pages. With just a click of a button and you’ll see everything you want to know about it. You also have the home advantage; nothing will be more comfortable than learning at your own home. There will be no traffic to hinder and lessen the time of your study.

In addition, having different resources, different materials and different tutors would help you asses yourself in different areas for improvements as everyone else has different expertise. One may notice your accent and the other may note your grammar construction. Since you have the freedom to choose your tutor, you are also responsible to tell them every time your preferences.  At the same time, it also means giving chances to others and gaining perspectives. It also provides anonymity since you have the choice to have a web cam while the lesson is on. It will give chance to save face.

Who knew it was possible to learn English online? More so, learning English on skype. It was hard enough to learn English normally, now it’s online. But no worries, the quality of learning may increase or decrease according to you and your choices.


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Reputation and THEM

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I am someone who doesn’t know the way to the library. Or maybe I know but I choose not to go through that path. 😀 I started going there almost every week since the start of the semester for my thesis. Before, whenever my friends see me there or when I tell them that I’ll go there, they have this surprised look on their face followed by a grin. Another is my thesis topic, it’s about stress. When I mentioned it to them, all I heard after is a loud laugh. I have this reputation of a carefree, go-with-the-flow and stoic person. They know me as someone who doesn’t know what ‘panic’ and ‘stress’ are. The laughter and the surprised face are manifestations of how they think of me. You see, how we are perceived affects the way people deal with us.

That is why reputation should be given utmost importance. It is WHO WE ARE in the minds of the people. Handling reputation is never easy and it will never be especially with NSM around. It is here to stay whether you utilize it or not. Established companies should not be overly confident because the little Oprahs of NSM can shake the grounds they are standing on. Decreasing sales is the least of their worries. Consumers will not just turn their backs on them and stay silent. With NSM on the loose, organizations are bound to fall to pieces. If consumers hate them, they hate them and the damage can reach to a critical hit because that’s how people see them and that’s how they will behave towards them.

Maintenance is the keyword here. Never do things on a whim. Be consistent. Once you post on any NSM platforms, do it continuously. NSM is not only for managing crisis and advertising. It is, and it should be, for creating dialogue and communicating with your consumers. In doing so, always tell the truth. Never create a fake identity to convince customers.

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Let’s get VIRAL!

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Let’s ponder on this:

Getting out of control = getting viral?

What does viral mean anyway?

Viral = infectious = easily and readily communicated

In the field of medicine, when a sickness is outta control and easily spreads, it’s a viral disease. Does this also apply to the Web? When we post our viral video, garners views, we can’t contain our happiness. Target audience FTW! Do we know all those who viewed the video? In the first place, does not knowing who viewed and commented on the video means it’s already out of control?

 We have had two viral video projects in our OC152 class. We’ve promoted our video in forums, SNS and blogs among others. Let me say this, not knowing who viewed the video does not mean it’s already out of control. As long as you know your target audience and you directed the promotion of your video to them comprehensively, you are not yet lost. You may not know them personally but at least you know in which category of your list they belong to. Being viral IS being easily and instantly passed on.

 We do not need to know our mutual friends or what path the video went in order to land on their profiles. If you don’t know which direction you are going then maybe it’s time to pull the break and think carefully. Even though we use the word “viral”, we should not be clattered and scattered everywhere. Remember that viral diseases also have their roads and sometimes dead ends are a possibility. How you ask? There are immunizations for some of them and there are people who become immune and unaffected by them naturally. Same goes with the viral videos, people are immune and they tend to ignore some videos.

Simply put, viral videos are “viral” on a specific audience, on a specific niche. It is out of control if the video went somewhere else; by then, go fetch.

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Traditional Media and New Social Media: Best Buds

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With NSM in the picture, where do traditional media come in? We say traditional media is not declining, it’s changing. Right we are! One of the speakers in an advertising seminar I attended said,

“TV is a qualified medium to drive traffic to your digital platform.”

Heard of Sarah Geronimo saying “like us on facebook!” on one of her commercials? That is just one of the ways of using traditional media in support of NSM. These two media should help each other out, not bury the other. One more example is my classmates’ promotion of their viral video (I love the second viral video requirement, isn’t it obvious? :P) they posted the links and taglines of their videos on the bulletin boards around the campus. The digital presence should be aided by visible physical activities and materials.

NSM, in return, helps organizations and companies in spreading awareness of their brands and can also serve as means for advertising their programs and activities. A fanpage on facebook of a TV network company can promote their shows. We no longer choose to practice backing up of TV by print and banners. We go for the cost-efficient methods. We now also have online news articles published by local and international newspapers. Traditional media and NSM are not enemies, they are, in nature, best of friends.

 Media: Old and New

A warning though: what happens in new social media, stays in new social media. If there have been rants, protests and petitions online, it is not advisable to talk about it outside. These should be settled within NSM for those people might find you defensive regarding the issue. Imagine you’re having a dicussion with someone about some of your friend’s not-so-good manners, then she answered those claims in her speech in class. How would you feel? What will you think? Always put in mind what you would feel if you were on the other side before performing your advances.

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