I Googled You

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Cyber Stalking. I’m a professional. I have my sourcesss. No need for cameras to take candid shots. What’s photo grabbing for? One of the best features of New Social Media EVER. 😀

This blog is inspired by our activity in our Comm Trends class last week. You see, this is a very, very delayed post. 😛 Companies are googling us! Aah! I tried it after my professor told us to check our digital footprint. I saw my friendster, multiply and facebook account. The results also showed the most clicked blog of one of my classmates where she had my blog on her blogroll. I just want to say something about this.

If they can google us, we, too, can google them. We’ve been done it before for our internships and case studies but not on the same level as when we will do when we’ll start to apply for a permanent employment after graduation.

For companies, organizations, HR people and corporations, here’s a little something for you:

We know you are googling us. Looking intently at what we’ve been doing for the past N years of our lives just like a stalker does. You should also know that we are googling you too. We can see you in different perspectives and point of views. If you haven’t been listening to the negative things about you, we do. We hear it and we hear it clear. Be careful. But don’t worry too much because we also hear the positive things people are chatting about you (if there are any).

We are an expert in stalking; we see your every move once we take interest in you. When you consider us for a position, it means that you’re interested in us too, right? Then, let’s stalk each other. Let’s see who’ll get the most information. I have to warn you though, what you’ll see is limited to those who know us, to our networks. You may consider it controlled since we can somehow easily ‘repair’ a damage about our reputation. How about you? What we’ll see about you, on the other hand, is not limited to those who know you. Why you ask? When our enemy tells to his/her friends about us, we have a code name so they could talk about us behind our backs. But when a consumer talks about you, they wouldn’t hesitate mentioning your name and telling the whole world how much you suck.

Do you see it now? Consider yourself warned. Your strategy might backfire on you. Not only should we be careful of our digital footprint and online reputation but you as well.Googling are not exclusive to you, it’s not only you who does it. Be aware of it.Take care of yourself, okay? Because we care. 

“You need to know what is being said about you online. Today, all it takes is one enemy to put something anonymously on the Internet and everyone will see it.”

Michael Fertik


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